Pistol Courses

Are you confident in your ability to act quickly and decisively to protect yourself or your loved ones in the face of immediate danger? If you have a License to Carry for personal defense, you’ve taken the first step. Now it’s time to take the most important step. Be Decisive! Get the defensive pistol training you need and want.

The Practical Defensive Pistol Series™ (PDP-1, 2, & 3) represents a 3-day defensive pistol course divided into 3 separate installments developed specifically for the License to Carry (LTC) holder. Along with avoiding the “information overload” common with multi-day tactical firearms training courses, this approach allows you to get the training you desire without having to commit to training you are not yet seeking, allows you to practice between classes and to advance at your own pace.

Each class in the PDP Series focuses on practical shooting, gun-handling and tactics that every armed citizen should know and possess.  You will also learn proven methods of practicing these skills, both on the range via live fire and at home via dry practice, giving you the ability to maintain the skills you’ve learned and the opportunity to practice them in preparation for your next class.

* I will only train adults who are not disqualified from possessing a handgun as defined by applicable federal, state and local law and reserve the right to decline requests for training without explanation.

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